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"A professional, charming doctor. The clinic in Ramat Aviv is great. I highly recommend him. Would not replace him with any other dermatologist"


"A charming doctor, speaks at eye level, professional and the kind that nothing escapes his notice."


"Finally I understand what quality medicine is all about. A doctor who truly examined and sees me. I'm not going back to Kupat Holim anymore. I'm taking my health into my own hands and going to see Ofer every year."


I would like to thank Dr. Reiter for your dedicated, professional and thorough treatment. I feel that I am being treated by a professional and serious doctor, and above all, a caring and humane doctor who looks at the patients at eye level and provides the right treatment, and this from the bottom of my heart, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


"I came to Dr. Reiter for an examination of a new mole that appeared on my face. Dr. Reiter suspected BCC (and he was right) but insisted on checking the rest of the body. During his examination, he diagnosed melanoma in the leg which, fortunately, was found in time before it metastasized. I am grateful to Dr. Reiter for his thoroughness and professionalism."


"For many years I have been going to a dermatologist for a periodic checkup, but I have never had a thorough and comprehensive checkup like the one I went through with Dr. Reiter."


This is a miracle story for me which occurred because of the professionalism, expertise, and dedicated thoroughness of your skin doctor, Dr. Reiter (Dr. Reiter Egged Ofer).
I was admitted to the skin department after suffering an allergic reaction. For almost the three weeks teams of doctors examined me daily, but fortunately it was one doctor who “happened” to be on rounds that day, who spotted something unrelated to the rash for which I was hospitalized which none of the other doctors had noticed. It turned out to be malignant melanoma and because of Dr. Reiters’ amazing caring together with his expertise, we were able to have it surgically removed before it had spread even deeper! Indeed, the providence that led to Dr. Reiters’ being there at that time and at that place — combined with his “eagle eye” and amazing dedication — could literally be deemed to have saved my life!! That is no small thing and so is the unlimited appreciation and gratitude I have to Dr. Reiter and the management of the hospital for employing such top-notch doctors!


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