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Using blend wavelengths in order to improve the safety and efficacy of laser hair removal

Yehonatan Noyman 1 2Assi Levi 1 2Ofer Reiter 1 2Moshe Lapidoth 1 2

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Background: As the pursuit for a safe and effective device for laser hair removal continues, the use of simultaneous multiple wavelengths in a single device requires further exploration.

Aim: To evaluate the safety and efficacy of a novel multi-wavelength laser device for hair removal.

Patients and methods: This retrospective cohort study included adult participants of both sexes with Fitzpatrick skin types of III and IV. Hairy sites were treated by a multiple wavelength (810nm, 940nm, and 1064nm) laser device (Primelase, Coccoon medical, Barcelona, Spain). Laser parameters included: fluence of 14-20 J/cm2 , pulse duration of 7-30 ms, and spot size of 20*9 mm2 . Participants underwent up to 7 treatments at 6-8 weeks intervals and were followed for 6 months after the last treatment session. “Before” and “after” clinical photographs were acquired and were used to evaluate efficacy by 2 independent dermatologists. They employed the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale (GAIS; scale of 0 [no improvement] to 4 [excellent improvement; Over 75% hair reduction]). Participants’ satisfaction was rated on a scale of 1 (not satisfied) to 5 (very satisfied). Pain perception and adverse events were recorded as well.

Results: Eighteen participants (6 men, 12 women) were included with a total of 49 treatment sites. Mean hair reduction was 3.6 out of 4 in the GAIS. Participants’ satisfaction rate was high (mean 4.5). Beside mild transient discomfort during the procedure, no adverse events were recorded.

Conclusion: The use of a multiple wavelengths’ laser device is safe and effective for hair removal.

Keywords: combined wavelengths; hair removal; laser epilation.

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